So this is pretty much what we do here, Tattoos.

A cool little freehand skull by Brian Ulrich.

A cool little freehand skull by Brian Ulrich.


Some tattoos are plain, some fancy, some are huge, some are tiny. We like giving people what they are looking for and maybe a little bit more.  We like tiny flowers, giant skulls and everything in between.

Most of our clients choose to get custom or freehand tattoos. Custom tattooing is one of the things we do best. The equation is simple, your ideas and our artistic creativity and technical ability equals a great tattoo.

Tried and true tattoos are the name of the game for some folks, in the past 10 years the re-emergence of the “traditional American tattoo” design has led a lot of tattoo enthusiasts to appreciate the tattoo styles of yesteryear.  The “traditional” tattoo executed with either true anachronistic style or modern flair and bright colors, is always a favorite for both tattoo artists and tattoo collectors alike.


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